Our rugs are very substantial and do not require a rug pad. Just place them on the floor and enjoy.

VacuumingFor daily maintenance vacuum as necessary, with the hard floor setting or upholstery extension. Avoid using vacuum cleaners with excessively aggressive mechanical brushes as they can damage your rug.

Spot cleaning. Clean up spills as they occur for best results. Blot liquids with a paper or cotton towel. If the spill is anything besides water use a spray bottle to mist thoroughly with a solution of 3 parts water to one part white vinegar. Dry blot with a towel again to remove any liquid. Repeat this process till you get the spilled liquid out. You can gently scrub your rug with a soapy sponge to get food stains out, just avoid using too much water and soaking the rug as this might cause a ring.

Deep cleaning. In the event of a pet urine or vomit accident we highly recommend having your rug professionally cleaned. Pet urine or vomit can bleach your rug and cause discoloring. Follow the spot cleaning method above to neutralize the acidic content and have it professionally washed. Our rugs can be washed by any professional rug cleaning service that is accustomed to washing hand made oriental rugs.

Protection. Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible to protect the rich colours. 

Storage. Our rugs are a 100% wool and not treated with harmful chemicals to protect against moths. Be careful when storing. Vacuum both sides well and package in plastic sealed air tight.