Designers & Collaborations

Danad Design - barry daniels

Collection by artist Barry Daniels (1933-2010) who was a part of the art and design collective Danad. 

DANAD Design came together in 1958, the brainchild of a collective of artists who lived, hung out and worked in the dilapidated splendour of Marden Hill – a Georgian country house in Hertfordshire where made a communal home and creative hothouse.


Scott Idleman Art

Scott Idleman is a San Francisco-based fine artist whose work is informed by cosmic, microscopic imagery, and impressions of dream and mood. Working across several medium with a particular interest in texture, Idleman exhibits widely in Bay Area galleries and collaborates with designer showrooms and art consultants on custom commissions for clients. He has a degree in graphic design and started his art studio practice in 2007.




ZPSTUDIO is a design and architecture studio that provides creative interior and product design solutions for cultural institutions, as well as furniture, accessories, and lighting brands. Located in Florence, the studio was founded in 2003 by Matteo Zettiand  and Eva Parigi, architects and designers who trained at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence. 


Schiller reuber design studio

The Stockholm based design studio was inspired by the double sided rugs and wanted to take it further by making all patterns inverted. The designs leave no felt waste in the production. Schiller Reuber work with furniture, product and interior design in their studio. 




Raha Raissnia (b.1968, Iran, Tehran), lives and works in New York. Her practice is situated on the crossroad of painting, drawing and filmmaking, and how they are interconnected and enveloped in one another. The multidisciplinary practice in Raissnia's work create a complex mise-en-abyme between architectonic elements and biomorphic geometry, shifting the viewer’s perspective between an anatomy of living organisms and advanced electronic circuitry, while passing through an array of influences and references that are at once both ancient and futuristic.