Sustainability is in our core and we hope that we piece by piece can contribute to a more sustainable future

100% Wool

Our rugs are made of 100% wool from free range sheep 


All of the non natural colored shades are vegetable dyed, which means no chemicals are used in the process. It's safe for you, your kids, pets and for future generations


All of our rugs are hand felted by skilled felt makers. For felting the rugs we only use soap and hot water


We own our own workshop which means we can provide a high quality work environment and adhere to best of labor standards for our felt makers

Double sided

Since our rugs don't have a back they are all double sided. We believe that flexibility is an important sustainable aspect that could extend the products long lifespan 


The wool is biodegradable and since no chemicals were used in the production the rugs are biodegradable at the end of their long life